One day we looked out into Education and Edtech  and thought: “this will never do”.

We knew a few things:

  1. The current Edtech environment was dated and focused on all the wrong things, features and capabilities.
  2. Few if any Edtech solutions were able to stay focused on the real problem: creating a better global learning ecosystem.
  3. They were too busy selling schools software, and based upon a marketplace that was scattered — no single solution had market dominance, schools were constantly transitioned from one solution to another. The current providers lousy job, and no one seemed to realize it.

How could we do it better?

  1. Well we focused not on the features, we could improve upon those easily.
  2. We knew that all the paradigms were going to change, so we had to think differently
  3. That current solutions were just never going to be the right solution because they were focused on the wrong thing.
  4. We realized that we needed to focus on the “WHY do schools need Edtech”

Our why is simple: Schools need Edtech in order to improve the current global learning environment so that all schools can leverage better  learning with a better learning ecosystem.

We realized that we had to be more of a movement than a system.

We had to give away for free what everyone of our competitors was selling because our base value has a chance of  improving the learning environment across the globe.

This was no small task, our base system is huge because it has to be in order provide a schools with what they need.

  1. We knew once we provided a base system to a large enough group of schools, we could fund our growth with real value propositions to help schools improve education.
  2. We knew that the real value was in being the ecosystem for learning, not in the software.

As we type this we know that other companies will copy and paste our statements. We also know in order to be like us; they will need to change everything they are in order to be what we were built to be from the ground up.

Our values, beliefs and goals have become  “the Why” that is what makes us unique.

  1. It’s the reason that other companies want to work with us.
  2. It’s the reason that our associates smile as they come into work.
  3. It’s the reason that our schools trust us to do the best we can always.
  4. It’s the reason that while what we are building might look similar today to everyone else’s system — in the future we believe that Kornukopia will help to reshape and rehabilitate the current Edtech environment.
  5. It’s the reason that hundreds of schools join the revolution every month.

And that is why.