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Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS).

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Getting Started

  • Can Kornukopia Upload or transfer information from other SISs or LMSs?
    Kornukopia allows you to upload information from any SIS as long as you can download the information into a csv file. Our suggestion would be that you test it out! You can create a test school, download test data from your SIS, and upload to the test site!
  • How can you help us with Common Core?
    Today, we provide a common core database that allows any teacher to track the common core curriculum components down to the assignment. They can also create or share lesson plans that are associated to the common core within our database. In the future we hope to provide curriculum and content completely on Kornukopia with access to assignments, quizzes, tests, lesson plans and learning content.
  • What kind of staffing will I need to use this system?
    We anticipate that you will need a person for a couple of days to set-up the system to the way you want it to work for your school. We are hoping to have partners who can provide this service if you don’t want to do it yourself. Our philosophy is very simple, Keep It Simple Silly. We hope that you will find our tools intuitive and simple. We try to provide demos of just about anything you can do on the system. Once the system is up and running, we expect that you will need someone to manage users and someone to manage any new courses. The rest of the system should save you time and money not cost you resources.
  • How many users can I have?
    As many as you want. We expect that a school once using our platform will enroll all teachers, administrators, students, parents and group leaders (coaches, etc). That's a great deal of people. Bring it on--your Kornukopia LMS will function the same, regardless of the number of users. The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is free for everybody.
  • How does my school get started?
    We have a strict school enrollment process that we must follow. We don’t want only valid schools to use our environment. Once we establish that you are a valid school and an authorized administrator we give you call the tools to enroll, upload course catalogs, student, parent and teacher databases, etc as well as customize some options specifically for your school.


  • Are you another Facebook?
    We have provided a course and group communication platform so that groups and courses can share calendar events, provide and exchange messages and share files. Too many schools told us that they are not crazy about sending their students or teachers out to communicate on social networks with no auditing, no idea of who else is listening or joining and no supervision. Our communication function is visible to group members or course members. The owner of the group can delete any inappropriate message. The system itself filters out any inappropriate language. Any one who contributes to a discussion must have a Kornukopia login and that login is stamped on the posting. It’s important to point out that we also provide grades, assignments, todos, calendars, discipline and attendance functions, so we are much more than a social networking site, we are your virtual school community.
  • Are you a teacher tool or a school tool?
    We have positioned Kornukopia to be a tool for the entire school. Some tools out there only serve a single teacher, and others do a poor job of serving an entire school. We are focused on providing great tools for Teachers, Schools, Administrators, Students and Parents in order to do that you have to have a holistic approach.
  • Are you a learning content management system or LCMS?
    No. Not today. We do not provide learning content, like what a text book would provide. We do not provide assignments or tests either. But, we plan to!
  • What is a learning management system?
    Wikipedia defines it as: "A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs." We just say we provide the management of Grades, Assignments, Calendars, Group/Course Communication Pages, Attendance, Todos, Notifications and Discipline.
  • How is Kornukopia free?
    We are a for profit company that some day will make a profit by providing schools, students, parents and teachers additional value. Today and hopefully forever we intend to provide our learning management system to any school on the planet earth for free. In the future, you will have certain value added pieces that a school may choose to purchase. This is not really a new paradigm there are many companies that provide this, we are as we believe the first to do this for the education industry and the first to provide a full feature application on top of a hosted environment for free.

Premium Support & Services

  • Fees for Implementation and Custom Support?
    We have a network of qualified technical consultants, who recommend our system to schools. These technical consultants add value beyond our product supplying implementation, local training and local custom support. Our service is free. However, we anticipate that these partners will charge a fair fee for the value that they provide to the school. No compensation ever gets to Kornukopia. Kornukopia does not authorize any partner to resell or charge a fee for our free software as a service to schools. If you would like a recommended partner, contact us with your address and we make a recommendation.


  • Can Kornukopia Upload or transfer information from other SISs or LMSs?
    Kornukopia allows you to upload information from any SIS as long as you can download the information into a csv file. Our suggestion would be that you test it out! You can create a test school, download test data from your SIS, and upload to the test site!
  • Do I need to download an APP?
    No, not today. The cutting-edge technologies used to build Kornukopia allow it to run on any web-enabled device, eliminating the need for device-specific applications.
  • What do my users need to use Kornukopia?
    Our interface is 100% HTML 5. Which means that any HTML 5 Compliant browser should work just fine. Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and possibly others. Since we present a compliant standard interface you should be able to use our system on any PC, Tablet or smart phone. There are so many, there will always be an exception, however we have made every accommodation to be 100% HTML 5 compliant. If terms of what do you want to standardize for your school? Try whichever devices you anticipate that you will use. We recommend that if you can standardize on a device it might be easier for you the school to support one device, but as for us, we are HTML 5 Compliant.
  • What is your platform built on?
    We are built on Amazon's AWS platform, which is the market leader in cloud infrastructure. Their infrastructure in used by some of the internet's most popular websites, such as Expedia, Netflix, and Pinterest. Amazon AWS gives us limitless scale, 99.9% redundancy, global distribution; we build on top of this infrastructure to provide incredible speed, power, and uptime.