Kornukopia’s base Platform for schools is 100% free!

Education for everyone. Everywhere.

Education is an incredibly valuable resource. With the rapid rise of technology, education is now more accessible than ever before. High costs have traditionally inhibited educators from accessing the most powerful educational technologies. Not anymore.

The Kornukopia Education Management System: our Learning Management System (LMS), our Student Information System (SIS) and our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) has been made available to schools throughout the globe free of charge.

So, what’s the catch? You can’t be free forever? Well, we hope we can be free forever (at least our LMS, LCMS and our SIS. If you are really losing sleep, don’t worry, we built an incredibly scalable system that is extremely easy to sustain, so sleep easy. You can relax a little, we do have some things you can pay for!

Today there are 3 services in which we collect a fee, they are: Kornukopia Premium, Identifyed, and Fee.Education.

  1. Kornukopia Premium is a collection of 5 Apps, Parent Workflow Management tools and 2 way communication. You can find out more about Kornukopia Premium HERE.
  2. Identifyed is a service that provides an App that becomes the student ID!
    • The App acts as the student ID with a picture of the student, Name, QR code and other information.
    • The App supports NFC so that it can be used to open doors and use our “checkin” feature with NFC tags.
    • Check-in allows you to manage attendance the location of the student by “checking in” to a QR code, NFC tag, or a location.
    • The QR code allows you to use other applications to manage meal services, library and other applications.
    • Help Request allows the student to request help anywhere on campus.
    • Emergency Lockdown allows the school to broadcast an emergency message to all students on Identifyed.
    • Geo-fencing and location services within the app allows the school to locate a student.
    • We provide Identifyed in 3 ways; As part of Kornukopia Premium, with the Free Service and Identifyed and on it’s own without the free services.
    • You can find out more about IDENTIFYED HERE.
  3. is a fee management solution.
    • Unlike traditional legacy tuition management solutions (that look like Quickbooks), Fee.Education allows you to create an “Amazon” like marketplace for all of your school fees, associations, teams, clubs fees, as well as any Vendor/Partner fees.
    • Teams, Associations, Clubs, and Vendors can create their own stores within your school’s marketplace. The stores can collect money and distribute money via the school or with the vendors own Stripe account(credit card processing account without the school being involved)
    • What does it cost the school? Nothing, we charge a small 3% transaction fee to the buyer on every transaction.
    • We provide Fee.Education in 3 ways; As part of Kornukopia Premium, with the Free Service and Fee.Education and on it’s own without the free services. You can find out more about FEE.EDUCATION HERE.