Our Platform

    Education Management Eco System

The Kornukopia Platform is packed full of amazing and powerful features.

Learn more about the core modules of Kornukopia in the information below.

Our Platform

Kornukopia is a FREE Software as a Service LMS, SIS and LCMS.   (Learning Management System, Student Information System and Learning Content Management System.)

Kornukopia has many different modules and your school can implement any of the modules you select, or all of them.

Before we go into features and modules, let’s give you a little information about our platform as a whole, because it really matters.

We built our platform over the last 4 years with the intention that we would provide a free cloud based education management system. Building a software as a service platform from the ground up that will be free for education is a different challenge from most of the legacy providers had many years ago when they built their systems.

When you build a system as cloud based software as a service, you have to focus on security, scalability and a global reach. We used the best of the best in technology and technology providers. We developed an HTML 5, REST, Django and PHP platform this gave us modern tools, scalability, security and a future based upon modern systems. We built our platform using Amazon AWS’s scalable architecture including their amazing secure, scalable and globally redundant databases, along with that we leverage Heroku’s scalable “server” environment that gives us immediate scale at the touch of a finger.

We chose HTML 5 because we knew schools needed to be device neutral (even though most were not, we knew they would want to be, if they could).Schools can dictate end-user devices maybe for students, but what do you do for parents?

We built our system with modern systems and architecture our databases are real-time up to the second information resources, there is no delay in information, no need to synchronize data or update systems from a pc or server.

Since we knew that our core system would be free we designed our system for ease of use, ease of implementation and ease of administration to reduce support costs. We feel as though sometimes this does a disservice to our platform because our system is so easy to use that many remark that it may be less powerful than the more complicated legacy systems. We believe that when you actually use our system you will be delighted not only in our simplicity but in the sophistication that our systems provide in terms of insight into your education processes. Trust us, modern systems don’t have to be hard to use to be good.

We also learned a great deal from our competitors in that implementing complex technology intensive solutions with little infrastructure and rarely dedicated experts is a real challenge for schools. So, we made certain that we were a cloud-based software as a service solution. What does that mean? No, hardware to acquire, install, configure, maintain and replace. No, software to acquire, install, configure, administer, maintain and replace. No security systems to acquire, install, configure, administer and replace. No databases to acquire, install, configure, maintain and replace. There is other stuff you don’t need to do, but let’s just leave at the fact that we got this…

We built our system for the world. So, supporting different schools with different education approaches was important so we have created a great deal of flexibility in how you implement our system.

We support 13 different languages on our system so your school can implement in a specific language or support specific users in their native language. In addition to English we support:

1. Japanese
2. Chinese
3. French
4. German
5. Portugues
6. Spanish
7. Hindi
8. Italian
9. Dutch
10. Russian
11. Korean
12. Bengali


Every start-up creates a vision and then realizes that their customers may need something different from the vision. Our vision of a completely integrated LMS, SIS and LCMS was revolutionary at the time and we provide an amazing education management system. However, we realized that many schools may not be able or allowed to implement all of our system. Some schools love specific modules but are stuck with some of the legacy systems at least for the time being. So, we made our system modular, so use the pieces of the system you need and implement the remaining modules as you need them.

Please read more about our system, but as we always say: “It’s free to try and free to use, so the best way to learn is to give us a try!” Today you will be one of over 1,000 schools (and growing) who are using our system in the last year or so, so you will not be alone.

Course and Grade

Kornukopia provides a course and grade subsystem that allows a teacher to set course settings (a syllabus) by which the grading system is measured. This is not like many of our competitors “grade books”. When teachers fill out grades, Kornukopia populates the grade for the school. No double work on grading.

Once created the teacher can create assignments which can be in the form of homework, papers, tests, quizzes, participation, etc. Each assignment can be given a weight, a description, a file attachment, a common core reference, a due date, and allow the student the ability to be submit the assignment on-line. The assignments populate the students calendar, tell the student what materials they will need to bring home and is the basis for the grade that will be issued. Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators all have the ability to see each assignment.

Grading Module

Calendar Module

Calendar Module

The Calendar is the basis for all activity. All users have calendars and can subscribe to courses and groups to populate their calendar with events. The calendar is automatically populated with the students’ daily schedule, or the teachers. The calendar also reflects any and all assignments due.

Each user can subscribe to groups like the basketball team, or chess club where they can include those groups calendar in their own. Each user has the ability to create their own events in their own calendar so that they can manage items on their schedule. The school has the ability to populate everyone’s calendar with specific events. If a user clicks on an assignment inside the calendar that will bring them to the assignment itself.

Course Module

The Course page is the epicenter of everything going on in the specific course. The teacher can create assignments and the student can see them. The teacher can grade assignments and the student can see them. The teacher can post notifications for the entire class. There is also a posting window that allows for the teacher to post and converse with students on-line. They can even exchange files.

The course page is initially assigned to a specific teacher and then it is up to them or a curriculum administrator to set-up the syllabus, assignments, lesson plans, and any communications that center around the course.

Course Module

Student Information System

The Student Information System allows you to teach more than courses, it allows you to teach students!  Kornukopia’s SIS ties the learning process and communication to vital student data. Kornukopia’s Student Information System is available real-time, on-line, 7 days 24 hours a day 365 days per year! No more necessity to wait for data synchronization from antiquated SISs or desktop teacher tools, data updates (grades, attendance, you name it) are available instantly!

Information is kept secure and confidential via school administered information specific roles! You, the school can control who sees grades, who sees standardized test scores, who sees health records. Need flexibility to track specific fields for your school by student? Kornukopia allows you to create fields to track anything you like and do bulk data loads to those newly created fields. Now that you have a modern realtime SIS the information is at your finger tips by simply identifying the fields of information you need and asking for the report, immediately your report is available to you, and up to the minute.

Stuck with a legacy SIS (at least for now)? Well Kornukopia is modular and information can easily flow from our system to your legacy environment. So, implement some of our modules today, keep some of the legacy components that make senseand synchronize what you need to. Kornukopia’s SIS is free so it’s not like we have an agenda, use what fits your needs today!



Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Yes, we know… The information is available “on-line”! But, Where? Kornukopia’s Learning Content Management System (which we call our resource center) allows schools to create a vast library of URLs, Files, Videos, Ebooks, Powerpoint’s, Pdfs and other document types that allow everyone to find and/or access school-wide and world-wide resources at their finger tips!

Our modern LCMS is so easy to use and so easy to create and upload resources that you will wonder how you dealt with all of the information in the past. Need information on Bio101 just search, want access to the schools Google Apps environment just search (or access your personal folder). We know many companies make a Big deal out of their LCMSs we just made it so simple that well… It’s no big deal to access your content!

To Do Module

To Do Module

To dos allow busy people to make lists. If you don’t want to add it to your calendar but it needs to be done and you don’t want to forget, create a todo. This simple list allows you to track the things that need to be done and track the things that have been completed! Complete something and then realize there is a little more to do… move it from completed to incomplete and work on it!

Group Module

Having an integrated social networking capability is essential for many reasons the foremost is that it is the way students communicate today! Without a social networking platform that allows students to share information and calendars, students and group leaders will resort to using open social network solutions.

Open social network solutions do not give the school the assurance of logging, editing, and foul language screening. They do not also provide protection from outside eyes and outside comments. As such they create a huge liability risk for schools. Kornukopia solves by having a simple solution that is available to join and allows for over site and supervision.

Group Module

Take Home Module

Ever get home and have to start on homework and realize you don’t have the right book or material? Well take home can help especially with that last minute stop at the locker before catching the bus.

Take home is a simple part of the assignment process. When a teacher creates an assignment they populate the material required whether it’s a workbook, textbook, hand-out, notebook, etc. When the teacher populates the list, the student’s take home list automatically gets populated with the required material for the assignment.

Attendance Module

Attendance module lets the teacher track attendance by homeroom and current class, however this is a school attendance system, so attendance taken by the teacher is able to be seen and recorded by the school. Simple interface allows the teacher to take attendance on-line via a tablet or other device. The user system updates the whereabouts of the student and a student can be tracked to the current class that they attended. Reports are available for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Attendance Module

Discipline Module

Documenting discipline issues has become a real important matter for many schools. Having not only the appropriate documentation so that you can treat a student fairly, communicate and log the issue properly, and later report on incidences and types for tracking purposes. Our discipline system does all this along with a teacher referral system that allows teacher or teachers to refer an issue on-line to an administrator for further action or follow-up.

Discover Kornukopia’s Features

100% Free

The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is the first cloud-based platform to be offered 100% free to the general public.

Cloud Based

Using the same infrastructure as companies like Netflix and Amazon, The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is available anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.


While many legacy systems are forced to run on Windows, The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is natively designed to run on any web-enabled device: smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Integrated SIS

Kornukopia’s integrated Student Information System (SIS) makes it easy to see a holistic view of your school. No longer are your LMS and SIS isolated applications. In Kornukopia, all student information is available at the touch of a button.


Kornukopia offers an industry-leading library of free support videos, tutorials, and instructional documents. Premium support and integration assistance is available from select partners.

Secure Messaging

Teachers and administrators can use The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) to securely contact students, parents, or the entire school community.

Common Core

Curriculum management and compliance is key to any school’s success. The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) allows for lesson plans and assignments to be easily tagged with any ELA or Math Common Core indicator .


The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) features a powerful reporting feature which allows the generation of on-the-fly reports on students, courses, and more. New reports are added regularly: the library of available reports is ever-growing.


Kornukopia offers: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Bengal. Configured by School or by user.

Integrated LCMS

Kornukopia offers an industry-leading learning content management system. Create a central repository of learning resources including: files, movies, lectures, Systems, URLS, you name it!

Modular Design

Kornukopia offers a fully integrated LMS, SIS and LCMS but you can use the modules that best suit your school of the defined user communities.

Granular Roles

Kornukopia provides: Teacher, Student, Parent, Admin and Tech Admin Roles from the start your school can define other roles, like coach, nurse or anything you like with whatever access you determine and you can reconfigure the roles that are defined.