Kornukopia Premium

Our Platform Kornukopia Premium

Kornukopia Premium takes our Global Premiere Education Management System to the next level

Kornukopia has many different modules and your school can implement any of the modules you select, or all of them.

Kornukopia Premium

Before we go into features and modules, let’s give you a little information about our platform as a whole, because it really matters.

We built our platform over the last 4 years with the intention that we would provide a free cloud based education management system. Building a software as a service platform from the ground up that will be free for education is a different challenge from most of the legacy providers had many years ago when they built their systems.

We built our system with modern systems and architecture our databases are real-time up to the second information resources, there is no delay in information, no need to synchronize data or update systems from a pc or server.


Since we knew that our core system would be free we designed our system for ease of use, ease of implementation and ease of administration to reduce support costs. We feel as though sometimes this does a disservice to our platform because our system is so easy to use that many remark that it may be less powerful than the more complicated legacy systems. We believe that when you actually use our system you will be delighted not only in our simplicity but in the sophistication that our systems provide in terms of insight into your education processes. Trust us, modern systems don’t have to be hard to use to be good.

We also learned a great deal from our competitors in that implementing complex technology intensive solutions with little infrastructure and rarely dedicated experts is a real challenge for schools. So, we made certain that we were a cloud-based software as a service solution. What does that mean? No, hardware to acquire, install, configure, maintain and replace. No, software to acquire, install, configure, administer, maintain and replace. No security systems to acquire, install, configure, administer and replace. No databases to acquire, install, configure, maintain and replace. There is other stuff you don’t need to do, but let’s just leave at the fact that we got this…

We built our system for the world. So, supporting different schools with different education approaches was important so we have created a great deal of flexibility in how you implement our system.

We support 13 different languages on our system so your school can implement in a specific language or support specific users in their native language. In addition to English we support:

1. Japanese
2. Chinese
3. French
4. German
5. Portugues
6. Spanish
7. Hindi
8. Italian
9. Dutch
10. Russian
11. Korean
12. Bengali

Our vision of a completely integrated LMS, SIS and LCMS was revolutionary at the time and we provide an amazing education management system. However, we realized that many schools may not be able or allowed to implement all of our system. Some schools love specific modules but are stuck with some of the legacy systems at least for the time being. So, we made our system modular, so use the pieces of the system you need and implement the remaining modules as you need them.

Premium takes Kornukopia to the next step with 5 Apps for both IOS and Android. We started with our global powerhouse base platform and connected it to our simple to use LMS App. Then we looked at our communication infrastructure and said… We can add 2-way communications. So, our 2-way apps gives the school a 2-way communication infrastructure, school-wide broadcast, course and group broadcast and acces to our complete message board environment; It’s not social networking because the school identifies all users, logs all messages, can audit any conversation and edits out naughty words on the fly . Our Calendar App is just that, a calendar that syncs up with all of your Kornukopia Calendars, from courses, assignments, sports, clubs, activities, events, field trips and school events all at your fingertips in our app or we can sync to your Google calendar and Apple Calendar! Fee Management gives you an Amazon like marketplace for your school fees. Click on the Marketplace app and pay for events, lunch, field trips, after school events, sports, t-shirts, anything your school and the clubs and associations.

And then there’s Identifyed — Identifyed is so cool and new it needs it’s own paragraph so click down… Keep going you would regret it!



Secure your campus and know where your students are with Identifyed! You will know where your students are, they can check-in to classes, study hall, the library, busses, you name it with Identifyed’s NFC feature and some cheap NFC tags! Identify when students leave campus with Geo-fencing, or find out where a student is off-campus with location services. Leverage the QR code on their ID for the cafeteria, library, or any other application.Know when students are in trouble because they can request help with Identifyed! Communicate emergency broadcasts with Identifyed. Use Identifyed’s hall pass features to allow students to be outside of class or visitors to have


So, we spoke to our schools and asked how can we help, what takes up much of the offices day to day hours? What would create some value not just for your students but for the parents? Here is what our schools came up with:

  1. Help us automate attendance communication and verification with parents.
  2. Help us automate disclosures and permission slips.
  3. Help us automate Visitor IDs and Volunteer hours.
  4. Help us automate school fees, so that parents and students can pay fees online.

So, we did!  Our premium services automates much of the front office parent communications and coordination.


Discover Kornukopia’s Features

100% Free

The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) base system is the first cloud-based platform to be offered  free to schools. Our premium service provides more value at a slightly higher price, but makes up with the extra expense with increased features, security and savings in operations and education.

Cloud Based

Using the same infrastructure as companies like Netflix and Amazon, The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is available anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.


While many legacy systems are forced to run on Windows, The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is natively designed to run on any web-enabled device: smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Integrated SIS

Kornukopia’s integrated Student Information System (SIS) makes it easy to see a holistic view of your school. No longer are your LMS and SIS isolated applications. In Kornukopia, all student information is available at the touch of a button.


Kornukopia offers an industry-leading library of free support videos, tutorials, and instructional documents. Premium support and integration assistance is available from select partners.

Secure Messaging

Teachers and administrators can use The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) to securely contact students, parents, or the entire school community.

Common Core

Curriculum management and compliance is key to any school’s success. The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) allows for lesson plans and assignments to be easily tagged with any ELA or Math Common Core indicator .


The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) features a powerful reporting feature which allows the generation of on-the-fly reports on students, courses, and more. New reports are added regularly: the library of available reports is ever-growing.


Kornukopia offers: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Bengal. Configured by School or by user.

Integrated LCMS

Kornukopia offers an industry-leading learning content management system. Create a central repository of learning resources including: files, movies, lectures, Systems, URLS, you name it!

Modular Design

Kornukopia offers a fully integrated LMS, SIS and LCMS but you can use the modules that best suit your school of the defined user communities.

Granular Roles

Kornukopia provides: Teacher, Student, Parent, Admin and Tech Admin Roles from the start your school can define other roles, like coach, nurse or anything you like with whatever access you determine and you can reconfigure the roles that are defined.