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Kornukopia's Education Mission

Education for everyone. Everywhere.

Education is an incredibly valuable resource. With the rapid rise of technology, education is now more accessible than ever before. High costs have traditionally inhibited educators from accessing the most powerful educational technologies. Not anymore.

The Kornukopia Education Management System: our Learning Management System (LMS), our Student Information System (SIS) and our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) has been made available to the general public free of charge. Kornukopia’s amazingly powerful features are now available to any school or school district worldwide.

So, what’s the catch? You can’t be free forever? Well, we hope we can be free forever (at least our LMS, LCMS and our SIS. Never fear as a “Freemium business model” we will have value add items that will be available for purchase and you can decide whether those modules add enough value to your school that it’s worth buying as we release them.

If you are really losing sleep, don’t worry, we built an incredibly scalable system that is extremely easy to sustain, so sleep easy, because we are.

No hidden costs. Ever.

The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is funded by private investment in an effort to improve accessibility to learning management tools and curriculum content. As Kornukopia continues to grow and develop, a curriculum marketplace and premium modules will be introduced.

Existing core modules will always be available free of charge. There are no hidden costs, advertisements, or strings attached. Sit back and enjoy Kornukopia–the most advanced free, cloud based LMS.

Investor Relations

Interested in discussing investment opportunities with Kornukopia Inc.? Please reach out to our investment relations team via our contact form.

Upon receiving your inquiry, one of our team members will be in touch shortly to discuss opportunities.